Best Kindle 4 Covers and Cases

Quick update on the best Kindle Touch Cases & Covers around so far. Since the models will be changing quite a lot of the next few months we’ll be updating this with what we love that is available as things change.

If you don’t care what we think, check out all Kindle 4 Covers (which will fit both the small new reader and the touch-screen model) via the links below:

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Anyway, on with the pick of the crop so far…

Best Kindle Sleeve (New Kindle 4 and Kindle Touch)

Built Envelope Kindle SleeveThe latest envelope style Kindle 4 case from Built is funky, fun and ever so protective! As usual its hard working neoprene with super fluffy soft interior. Small velcro pads hold the whole thing shut, and you still get the traditional Built hourglass shape.

There are also some new color-ways which we love (though ScatterDot still wins as far as we’re concerned – you simply cannot leave your Kindle behind if its got one of these bright covers on! :))

Of course Built are still producing their more simple open topped pocket come sleeve. It is still great but there is one word of slight warning. Because they have produced just one size to fit both the Kindle 4 and the Kindle Touch you will find the fit not quite so snug on the Kindle 4 as with the old keyboard models and their sleeves. It isn’t exactly loose, it just isn’t as tight as you would expect if you had the previous incarnation.

Best Kindle 4 Cover

kindle 4 lighted coverWell, we had to rank the lighted Kindle 4 cover pretty high didn’t we? I know they have had a few issues in the past, but overall (price aside), you can’t deny it is a genius idea. Available for both the Kindle Touch and smaller Kindle 4, and in a new range of more subtle color-ways we still love them!

Lightweight yet still good quality leather, these are the only ones to choose if you want a classic book-style jacket without the rigmarole of needing to attach an external book-light when reading in bed.

Of course there is one slight caveat regarding the lighted Kindle covers; yes you’ve guessed it the price! Now they are reasonably good value for money if you want a leather case, and would stump up for a good quality reading light too. But, when you consider you will be paying $59 for a case and possibly only $79 for the reader itself, they can seem pretty pricey!

Best Flip Case & Stand For New Kindle 4 & Kindle Touch

Marware Eco-Flip Kindle CoverFinally, for now at least we feel the Marware Eco-Flip case deserves a mention. To be honest, the choice of new Kindle 4 cases and covers is relatively limited. This probably has something to do with the latest Readers being relatively new, and something to do with their lower price tags (presumably people generally won’t spend as much on accessories as they did when the gadgets were more expensive.

But there are still a few gems out there, and the Marware Eco-flip case is one. Available in a variety of colors (hot pink still a personal fave!), these are simple and offer great protection as well as a lightweight stand system (not complicated extra bits and bobs to add weight, simply flip the cover over and stand up!).

The leather, as ever with Marware products is soft and kinder to the planet than many other leather goods. It does come with corner straps, something I am personally not really a fan of. But since I cannot see how else the flip stand would work without being really bulky I am willing to forgive them this minor issue!

All in all not bad value if you like reading over your morning cereal!

Back to the original article:

Just to let you know, you should really bookmark this page!  Well, if you are interested in the next generation of Kindle 4 ebook reader, or the two potential Amazon tablets that are due out in the next few months at least.

Once their specifications are released, we expect to see a plethora of new covers and cases to adorn the Amazon gadgets.  And, yes you’ve guessed it, we will be ensuring they are all given a closer inspection here.

So if you want to see the first Kindle 4 cover reviews you know where to come back too!  Yes its the Best Covers and Cases site.

We will be looking at the best leather covers, luxury cases, and all round most practical and affordable accessories for the next generation of ebook readers and tablets coming from Amazon.

We won’t be just looking at the big brands either.  We imagine Amazon themselves will have something exciting in the works.  After the success (and problems) of their lighted Kindle covers, there simply must be something suitably innovative from the biggest name in electronic reading today.

M-Edge will no doubt bring us something fun and practical, but what about the likes of Targus, that have brought us such beautiful iPad cases but nothing yet for the humble Kindle reader?  With sales of any tablet from Amazon expected to reach significant levels by the holidays, expect to see a lot of companies trying to break into the new tablet accessories market.

We simply cannot wait to get stuck into looking at a new range of gadgets and all the new accessories that will be made espescially for them! So come back soon for new Kindle 4 cases and covers!

Snugg iPad 2 Leather Case Cover and Flip Stand

Another great leather iPad 2 case with built in flip stand; this time from Snugg…

Snugg leather ipad 2 cases

Snugg iPad 2 Case – Click for Pricing

The original Snugg iPad cover with flip stand was a huge success, so it comes as no surprise to find the Snugg Mark II for the Apple iPad 2nd generation.

This is a pretty chunky and solid looking folio style cover with flip stand.  Made of genuine leather with a soft nubuck interior that will protect the tablet’s display, this is tough, rugged and good quality at a price you can afford.

The tablet is held in place with Velcro and of course you get access to all controls, including a neat cut out for the camera on the tablet’s back.  Inside is a wide elasticated hand-strap which could be great when walking with your tablet.  Open up the cover completely and the hand-strap will be a comfortable way to keep a steady hold on your expensive Apple gadget.

This cover probably isn’t going to win any awards.  It is not trying to be clever or adventurous.  Instead Snugg are sticking with a tried and tested design that buyers love for its tough and practical approach to tablet protection.  We give it a thumbs up as the leather is good quality and the overall design will keep anyone that wants a simple yet protective iPad 2 case very happy indeed.

Acase Classic Leather Kindle 3 Case

If you want a leather Kindle cover for a great low price, check out the Acase Classic Kindle case here:

cheap leather kindle case

Acase Classic Kindle Cover – Click for Details

With its simple design and lightweight good looks you might expect the Acase to be a whole lot more expensive than it is.  This is a surprisingly cheap Kindle cover, yet the feel and look of the leather is on a par with some far more expensive versions.  No it isn’t a luxury case but it is a great buy for the money.

The whole thing is kept shut with a secure magnetic fastener, which makes it perfect for those that aren’t fans of the common elastic strap fasteners.  Inside is a slip pocket for goodness knows what, and a simple corner clasp arrangement to secure the ebook reader safely inside.  The soft microfiber black lining should keep your Kindle’s display scratch free, but just to be sure Acase have been kind enough to throw in a free screen protector too!

Acase Classic Kindle Cover Reviews

At the time of writing almost 100 customers had written reviews following their purchase.  You can view them all via the image link at the top.  The overall star rating is an impressive 4 out of 5 stars, with over half those taking part giving a phenomenal 5 out of 5!

The key topics that come up time and time again when reading these customer reviews include:

  • great for the money
  • slim and lightweight design
  • looks way better than the under $20 price tag!
  • flexible so comfortable to hold and folds completely back
  • secure
  • great free screen cover
  • better than many more expensive cases for the Kindle

So if you are looking for a cheap Kindle cover that doesn’t actually look or feel cheap, you should check out the Acase Classic for the Kindle 3.