Funky Kindle 3 Covers – LeSportsac Kindle Covers

Sadly the long awaited LeSportsac covers for the Kindle 3 have still not been released.

LeSportsac Kindle 3 Covers

Isn’t it great when companies start producing stuff we don’t expect? Bored of the traditional, tried and tested Kindle covers out there? No worries the world of new Kindle 3 covers is growing day by day. Our latest review is for the LeSportsac Kindle Cover.  Never have we been quite so spoilt for choice with regards to funky new designs.  Yep the basic principle of this case is pretty standard, something we have seen many times before.  But the funky designs on the outside really do give a little bit of much need pizazz to a rather traditional folio style case.

The LeSportsac covers, are not the most innovative thing in the world.  But to be honest, there have now been Kindles around for long enough that there probably isn’t an awful lot more that can be thought of to cover and protect them, that hasn’t already been done.

The basic design of these folio style cases, is pretty nearly identical to the amazon own leather Kindle covers.  Where this one differs though, is that it really is going all out to claim the younger, new market that can now afford the cheaper Kindle 3 eBook Reader.  Winning them over, by copying the same tried and tested design (the Kindle compatible hinge system to hold the device inside its case – a strap to keep the cover closed when not in use), but by adding a youthful spark of interest.  Instead of traditional leather we got modern tough nylon rip stop material in a range of colorful and quirky styles.  From patent black for any Goths out there, to pretty birds for when you are having a more girlish mood, LeSportsac Kindle Covers should have what you want.

Folio covers are by nature best used by those that want to read their Kindle whilst it is inside a cover.  These ones offer a little bit more originality than most when you are simply carrying yours around, and are likely to inspire interest in what you are covering with your emotional designs.  They are not the cheapest, and possibly not the best Kindle 3 Covers around, but they are totally functional, and offer a new younger, brighter approach to the traditional book-style Kindle Jacket – a breath of fresh air in the staid world of eReader Covers as far as we are concerned.