Luxury Leather Kindle Covers – Piel Frama Kindle Premium Leather Case

kindle cases from piel frama

Piel Frama Kindle Premium Leather Case – Click for Pricing & Customer Reviews

One of the best leather Kindle Covers has to come from Spanish leather workers Piel Frama. Their premium leather case really is something a little bit special.

Traditional black or tan might be the most common and traditional choice.  But with the option of high quality leather Kindle cases in a range of vivid colors Piel Frama provide quality for all tastes and styles.

Just like Piel Frama iPad Cases you get the best quality leather and traditional craftsmanship to protect your Kindle in style.  Really simple book style jackets the Kindle reader simply slips inside the Piel Frama cover.  There are no clips or elastic corner closures to contend with.  Just a really good fit that ensures your reading device stays in place, but will be easy to remove should you need to.

The front cover folds all the way back so you can easily read with only one hand.  All the Piel Frama covers ranges are hand-stitched and constructed of the finest quality leather in Spain.  Even the inside is lined with soft full grain leather so your device remains padded and protected inside and out.   These are luxurious cases, but not overtly ‘flash’.  The Piel Frama motto is embossed inside out of the way and the price-tag is extremely reasonable when you look at the quality.

Of course all the controls are easy to use as the leather cut outs are placed perfectly around each control.  This is one cool leather Kindle cover.  The front cover is fairly thin, offering cushioning without too much bulk, whilst the back cover is more rigid to keep everything snug.  From good leather-workers who know what they are doing you get high quality materials to ensure the leather won’t stretch over time.

Inside the front cover is a simple document holder that doesn’t add any bulk but does add a little more utility to the case.  Check out the customer reviews for the Piel Frama Kindle Cover via the links above.  So far they have a 100% 5 star rating which is pretty fantastic for a high end leather Kindle cover.

If you are looking for something truly luxurious, made to last and practical to use Piel Frama Kindle Covers are a must.  Definitely a contender for the Best Leather Kindle Cover.  Best of all they actually have a range for both the Kindle 2 and the often neglected Kindle DX!